Medaille University Permanently Closes

自1937年首次被特许为圣约瑟夫山教师学院以来,服务于纽约西部社区及其他地区, Medaille University was a private, nonsectarian institution that provided a personalized, practitioner-based learning experience to its diverse student body of undergraduate, graduate and online students.

During its nearly 100-year history, 威尼斯人平台-前身为Medaille学院-经历了许多困难和挑战时期, from World War II to several economic recessions and a global pandemic. However, in 2023, due to several factors including declining enrollment, 未偿债务和其他挑战正在影响整个地区的高校, state and nation, Medaille宣布它将永久关闭,并且不会在2023年秋季学期招收学生.

大流行病和通货膨胀加剧了大学的经济负担,加剧了导致这一极其困难的决定的商业现实. The population of college-aged individuals in Western New York had also been shrinking, 这使得像Medaille这样没有大笔捐赠的小型私立大学很难维持招生水平. 而大学不知疲倦地建立伙伴关系,加强其财务状况, unfortunately these efforts did not create results to ensure long-term viability.

Medaille held its final commencement ceremony on May 5, 2023, and officially closed on August 31, 2023. Medaille alumni — totaling over 20,000 individuals — continue to make a significant impact in their local and global communities, creating a lasting legacy for years to come.